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19-Year-Old Boy Impregnates His Mother With ‘For Girls’ In Naija

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A 19-year-old Nigerian boy has allegedly impregnated his mother while testing his love charm popularly know as ‘for Girls’ in most African countries.

The boy had reportedly gone to a native doctor, who prepared a love charm [For Girls]  for him to use on his mother and one of the matrons in the college where he is a boarding student.

After using the love charm on his mother, the husband of the woman denied being responsible for the pregnancy because he has been away for some time outside his operational base.

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But the victim, the suspect’s mother, while speaking said:

“I did not know how it happened, but all I can say is that a young man who looked like my son suddenly found his way into my room at the wee hours and I was speechless”, adding that the whole exercise had remained inexplicable.”

However, after being arrested also said:

“I am deeply sorry for all that has happened, I did not mean to do this. I saw myself falling in love with her after the love charm prepared for me. I have to confess because I know by so doing, God will touch her mind and I know she will forgive me.

“I suddenly found that I was making love to mum when I thought the charm will not work, and upon the revelation, I threatened to kill her and the matter was reported to the police”, he said.

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