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Ayanna Davis Snapchat Video And Instagram

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People are questioning why the Ayanna Davis Snapchat video is so popular. The answer is simple. Miss Davis happens to be a 20-year-old Florida substitute teacher that was accused of having a relationship with one of her students.

  • Ayanna Davis video is everywhere on social media.
  • Ayanna Davis was caught sleeping with her student.

According to an article, this video featuring the young woman with her pupil was posted via Snapchat and was one of the factors in making the video go viral as she has also slept with the student on four occasions.

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Miss Davis and her student have been reported to have had intercourse in four instances. They’ve been having fun in secret for a while now. There are reports that suggest they were involved two times at her Lakeland home, and once at the residence of the student.

Ayanna Davis Snapchat Video

Here’s everything you have to know about Miss Davis video and Instagram account. Miss Davis is a Florida teacher who was accused of having a relationship with one of her male students.

Ayanna Davis Instagram

In the aftermath of the news leak, lots of people are searching for Ayanna Davis Instagram account. Our research revealed that she had deleted her Instagram accounts due to the abuse that she’s been facing.

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Ayanna Davis Biography

Davis doesn’t appear to have a huge social media profile. The reports state that she’s a substitute teacher aged 20 who was employed by a staffing firm called Kelly Education which has previously assisted in recruiting substitutes for Polk County Public Schools.

The company said Davis was debarred until the outcome of the ongoing investigation. Kelly Education insists that they hired her after passing the tests required and had thorough background checks.

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