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#BBTitans: Khosi In Dilemma Over Her Feelings For Yemi Cregx

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Khosi and Yemi had a passionate conversation during the early hours of the day, discussing the strong connection they have formed. From the moment they became the first two housemates of the season, they hit it off and have a strong bond.

  • Khosi was the first housemate for the first season of BBTitans.
  • She was then joined by Yemi Cregx from Nigeria who became the second housemate.

However, Khosi’s closeness with Yemi is causing her concern about how others will perceive their relationship. Yemi also expressed similar concerns and said that he wants to be mindful of how people may perceive Khosi, who is in a relationship.

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Khosi agreed with Yemi and both decided to end whatever was happening between them. It is unclear if this decision is a tactic for both parties, or if they are playing a game with each other.

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It remains uncertain, but the observation of them sharing a bed in the early hours of the day raised questions about their earlier decision to end whatever was going on between them.

Yemi Cregx was seen trying to touch Khosi’s body while they were in bed together, despite having previously decided to end whatever was happening between them.

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Watch The Video Below

@foxvibesnews Khosi and Yemi shippers #BBTitans2023 #bbntitans #BBTitans #bbtitansupdates ♬ original sound – ICE BABY🇳🇬

Yemi denied any intention of kissing Khosi, but his actions with his hands seemed to indicate otherwise. It is yet to be seen what will happen between these two in the upcoming days, and we will be watching closely.

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