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Bodybuilder John Meadows: Biography, Cause Of Death, Net Worth

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Bodybuilder John Meadows happens to be one of the known faces when it comes to bodybuilding and it is quiet, unfortunately, the world has lost him. Such a rare gem who made a name for himself through bodybuilding.

  • Sources reveal that he developed the love for bodybuilding at a very tender age.
  • He began his bodybuilding career at the young age of 13.

At that time, he participated in various bodybuilding contests during his high school days. Known in the world of bodybuilding as the MOUNTAIN DOG, John was also involved in several championships.

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These championships include NPC Junior USA Light Heavyweight, IFBB North American and Bodybuilding Championships. One of the peak moments in his In the year 2015, Meadows grabbed the overall 1st place at NPC Universe.

John Meadows Net Worth

john meadows

We discovered that the popular personality had an enviable net worth of $4 M – $5M USD. He was also revealed to be the CEO of Granite Supplements and Mountain Dog Diet. As a popular personality, he also had several endorsement deals.

What Happened To John Meadows

Meadows, 49, died peacefully in his sleep at his home on Sunday. The news shocked the bodybuilding community in local and international areas. It was devastating to hear that such a respected competitor, mentor and personality had passed away.

John Meadows Gym Brand, Youtube Journey & Company

Bodybuilder John Meadows constantly had several opportunities at his disposal and this was due to the fact that he was very hard working. He also had his own gym located in Pickerington where he gave the best coaching to his clients.

John also had a Youtube channel named ‘Mountain Dog 1’, and he did this to help and teach other clients who were not able to come to his gym due to their respective locations.

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How Did John Meadows Die

His death news came as a big blow and when he died, he was 49 years. He died at his home in Pickerington, Ohio, USA and he was reported to have died from ‘Pulmonary Embolism’.

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