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Chinese Man Caught Sleeping With A Chicken As Coronavirus Spreads (Video)

Yes! we all have to deal with our hormones playing silly with us sometimes and most times our libido gets so high that it becomes practically absurd to talk to it so it behaves for the sake of everybody.

I am not even going to tow the “judge not so that you will not be judged” lane because I am outrightly going to judge and with no fear of retribution.

There is a weird video of a Chinese man sleeping with a chicken as the spread of Coronavirus continues to increase in recent days as people still continue to die.

Though the Chinese government is striving to restrain the spread of the disease and have cautioned the people to maintain maximum hygiene, a man is seen deliberating exercising hygiene breaches.

Watch The Video Below

The unidentified Chinese man believed to be in his late 60’s was spotted having intercourse with a chicken. The man who was defiling the chicken like he doesn’t have head was caught by a CCTV camera as he corned the poor chicken.

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