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Coni Momoa Biography, Nationality, Net Worth And Facts About Jason Momoa’s Mum

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I guess you never knew who a popular American actor, Jason Momoa’s mother, and father are. Well, Coni Momoa isn’t a household name when it comes to celebrity mothers but she certainly is well celebrated by her son, Jason Momoa.

  • Hollywood and Heart-throb Jason Momoa has become a bit of a household name lately.
  • Coni has the honour of being the mother of one of the most famous American actors Jason Momoa.

Jason’s mother is Coni Momoa. She is of diverse Native American, German, and Irish family ancestry. Coni Momoa and Jason’s father Joseph Momoa had already divorced long before Jason become a Hollywood star.

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Net Worth Of Jason Momoa’s Parents

Although we know Coni Momoa was a photographer and his father Joseph was a painter, their net worth is unknown but their son, Jason’s net worth, as estimated is around $25 million as of 2021.

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Do Joseph And Coni Momoa Have Other Children?

The answer is No! Jason Momoa is the only son of his parents, Joseph and Coni.

Where Do Jason Momoa’s Parents Come From?

The father of Jason, Joseph has American citizenship, however, he was born of Native Hawaiian descent, living on the island of Honolulu throughout his life. Jason’s mother has American nationality.

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