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#Coronavirus Cases In Ghana Raises To 6 – FULL DETAILS

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It has now been confirmed that the number of coronavirus cases that have tested positive in Ghana is now 6. This was confirmed by the Ghana Health Service, in a news briefing today.

Two days ago, the Minister of Health revealed that Ghana has tested two positive cases of the coronavirus which has claimed over 3,000 lives worldwide, with most of the cases happening in China.

The first two cases were confirmed to be from Norway and Turkey and with the latest updates from the Ministry of Health, the 4 new cases which tested positive were found to be Ghanaians.

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The Ghanaians, according to Ghana Health Service returned from the United States and the United Kingdom. They, however, said the suspected cases have all been quarantined and are in stable conditions.

The Information Minister, at the conference, also announced the Government’s intentions to place a mandatory quarantine regulation in place for travelers who come to Ghana from countries with more than 200 cases of Coronavirus.

151 contacts have been traced – Dr. Badu Sarkodie

A total number of 151 contacts have been traced to the new four individuals who have been confirmed with the coronavirus in Ghana. Dr. Badu Sarkodie said this at the press briefing held on Sunday.

The government of Ghana has disclosed the borders of Ghana will be partially closed during the update of the Coronavirus through the Ministry of Information.

Per this statement, it means movements at our borders will be restricted which has become very necessary due to the outbreak of the COVID-19.

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