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Digital Princess Tiktok Child Neglect: What Did Digital Princess Do To Her Child?

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Popular TikToker Digital Princess is facing backlash on social media following her return. The creator of adult content was arrested for child abuse. Marrissa Cloutier, aka Digital Princess, had neglected her son.

  • This influencer with millions of followers is being charged with child neglect.
  • Neighbours found her 5-year-old son crying alone outside her Florida home.

Digital Princess, whose real name is Marissa Cloutier, was released on the same day that she was detained. People were obviously furious at the TikToker for leaving her small child alone at home when she went out to see her friends.

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She currently holds over 2.3 million followers on TikTok and has amassed over 97 million likes on the video-sharing platform. She has also lost quite a number of followers after her child negligence act.

Digital Princess TikTok Child Neglect

Digital Princess TikTok Child Neglect
Digital Princess

The young mother was said to not care all that much about her son, since she let him go home without supervision in order to go out with her friends. People were obviously outraged at the news and she was the subject of lots of criticism for her behaviour.

The child, who was five years old, was seen in the front yard of their home around midnight, looking unkempt and crying. The concerned neighbours alerted the police who detained Cloutier at the scene as well as charged her for the neglect of her child with no serious bodily harm.

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Digital Princess is currently in charge of the child. The charges were dismissed due to lack of evidence, whatever that means. She initially said she had gone out to buy detergent, but then admitted she did leave to visit friends when her child was at home.

Public Outrage About Digital Princess

Her followers were dismayed to find Cloutier uploading her own statement to OnlyFans. Many felt it was disturbing the fact that they have to pay her for access to her statements regarding an instance of child abuse. Digital Princess making a gain from a case such as this was not a good idea for the internet.

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