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Efia Odo Jabs Yvonne Nelson For Saying People Should Stop Donating Publicly

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It appears there’s some friction between Ghanaian actress Efia Odo and Yvonne Nelson.

In a tweet by Yvonne Nelson two days ago, she said that people should stop showing off with donations they have made as the best donations are made in secret and not by carrying cameras around.

This resulted in Ghanaian actress and former Kwese Tv presenter, Efia Odo saying otherwise.

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Yvonne Nelson earlier tweeted;

Pls donate to the poor/needy/widows/orphans etc, don’t let an eye see it when you do, God in heaven sees it!this is how God our Father in Heaven blesses! most churches/pastors will use your money for their luxurious lifestyles. God sees and knows our hearts.

Yvonne Nelson

Efia Odo and Yvonne Nelson formerly worked together on Heels and Sneakers but it appears the two now share opposite opinions on how people should donate to the needy.

Efia Odo tweeted;

Doesn’t matter if someone donated behind closed doors or in the public, what matters is that they donated. Sometimes public donations can persuade other people to also donate. If public donations were bad then @feedthechildren and other NGOS wouldn’t be doing advertisements.

Efia Odo


According to Efia Odo, giving in public is important because it might motivate others to also give, clearly in contradiction with what Yvonne Nelson tweeted earlier.

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