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Ghana Hookup Girls Say COVID-19 Has Made Life Difficult As They Don’t Get Customers Again

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A while ago, we reported that the death toll for coronavirus cases in Ghana has hit 3 with overall confirmed cases also rising to 68 after new travelers who arrived in the country were tested.

The coronavirus outbreak has put most businesses on hold and most people have also lost their jobs temporarily. Well, according to some hookup girls in the country, their business has been slow since the outbreak of the virus.

Just so you know, hookup girls are escort girls who sell their bodies in return for money, also known as commercial prostitutes. A section of them have cried out that the recent coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the decline in the patronage of their services.

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One of the sex workers who is referred to as ‘Queen of the Night’ said:

Though I am afraid of the disease I have to confront it as it is my source of income. I used to entertain 10 customers a day, but with the advent of the coronavirus, only two customers have patronized me in four days, even at reduced prices

Another lady who was indeed in a dilemma said:

Life has become hard. Since last week, I have not even slept with one customer, how am I going to pay for my rent and other bills? I am afraid of the COVID-19, but there are other diseases that kill. I pray that the disease is controlled as early as possible to reverse business to normalcy.

Ghana has so far recorded 68 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Meanwhile, the government of Ghana has already placed a ban on all public gatherings including churches, mosques, conferences, etc.

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