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Ghanaian Blogger Proposes To His Girlfriend On Her Birthday (Video)

It used to be that you could just get down on your knee to ask your beloved to marry you, but today, not so much. With people publishing their outlandish proposals online, a suitor-to-be has to step up their game or risk getting shut down because they didn’t have enough doves flying out at the right time, or a big enough dance crew throwing out rice and candy rings.

But I’m here to tell you all that the jig is up. There’s no further reason to try to top one another again because Sammy K Tuga won. And he won with this killer proposal on Valentine’s eve that’s just so beautiful.

Ghanaian blogger and co-founder of, Sammy K Tuga a few minutes ago proposed to his lover on her birthday. The blogger who gathered a few friends brought out an engagement ring, knelt down and proposed to his bae.

Watch The Video Below

For saying yes to his proposal, we hope Sammy K Tuga will follow it up with a nice wedding ceremony. Any congratulations to them, I hope to come and enjoy some of the wedding Jollof.

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