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Girls Who Date Guys Because Of Money Are Thieves – Beautiful Ghanaian Lady

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A young beautiful Ghanaian lady has hit hard at the young girls who only accept to date a guy because he is rich or comes from a rich family in a video available to Foxvibes.com.

It has now become a habit for some girls to accept the proposal of guys if only they can take care of their basic needs and also provide for them what their father cannot provide.

NOt to say a guy should not spend on his woman but when it becomes a habit for young girls to prey on young men just to use and dump them after they become poor, then there is something wrong.

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In this video, a young Ghanaian lady has criticized those lazy girls who chat with a guy or befriend a guy when he has money. She also hit hard at girls who save numbers of guys as ‘Kwame Credit’, ‘George Momo Slayer’ to work and stop turning people’s sons and husbands into ATM.

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She also added that girls who depend on guys for everything are trash. According to her, most ladies make themselves cheap because they allow fraud guys to spend money on them, use them anyhow and then dump them.

She further advised that every lady gets a job and stop depending on their boyfriend for their basic needs because ladies who work to support themselves have dignity and that will even make the boyfriend love them more.

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