How A Student Used Only Ghc45 To Win Over Ghc9,000 Jackpot With 1xbet

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If anyone still has doubts that big wins at sportsbooks can be achieved without too much of a struggle or expense, then they should pay attention to the following success story of a young man from Kazakhstan that managed to win an impressive amount, more than 200 times his single bet amount at 1xBet.

Nurzhan, a 21-year-old student from Jezkazgan managed the unthinkable by placing a 1000 KZN (around $10) bet on the teams he thought will win during the European League matches.

He placed an accumulator bet on 9 different matches that he felt will bring him a very nice profit. The total payout of the bet he placed reached the amazing total amount of over 676 000 KZN, which is the equivalent of $2000.

Even though Nurzhan only started placing bets on football and sporting events 3 months prior, the inspired accumulator bet turned out to be the choice of his lifetime as all his predictions were correct and the ticket was a winning one.

This comes as an extra statement that you don’t have to risk a lot of money to get a very nice profit and that luck can really aim to anyone, as long as they are inspired and choose to play at a top-notch bookmaker like 1xBet

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Asked about what will he do with the money he won, Nurzhan said he wants to use the money to continue playing and boosting his winnings even more.

So Can I Trust 1xbet?

Yes! 1xbet is a betting company based in Russia with several branches across the world and would be opening it’s physical branches in Ghana latest next this year.


There are lots of Ghanaians who are using the site already to bet and there are several testimonies of people winning.

So How Do I Make Deposit and Withdraw?

You can deposit with MTN Mobile Money and Tigo Cash. You can also withdraw using MTN and Tigo and deposits are instant if you select MTN Push or Tigo Push on the site. There are other methods like Skrill, Visa Cards, Neteller, Perfect Money, etc

Withdrawals are instant and you receive funds within 30seconds-15minutes when you make a request.

With 1xbet, you can place an insurance on your bets, watch live games on the site, sell your bet slips, get more live matches to bet on, more options to bet on, so it’s easy to win.

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