Kwasi Enoch Writes: How MTN Ghana And Expresspay Ghana Stole My Money Without A Refund

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Telecommunications networks in Ghana have made it their habit to torment their customers, the very customers who put money in their pocket on daily basis.

We pay huge amounts of money for internet, a poor one of course and when it comes to mobile money, it’s even worse, you’ll send money to a family or friend and it will take hours or days and even worse, the money will not reflect in the person’s mobile money account.

For such an unexpected network problems, you know one thing, we have to stand for our rights in this country because these telcos are just taking us for granted. I usually make my mobile money and bank transactions using a third-party app known as expresspay which I’m sure you’ve heard about them.

I sent an amount of 25 cedis to a friend on Monday 30th July at exactly 9:45 am using expresspay but the transaction was pending so I had to request a callback from expresspay to demand why the transaction was pending and few minutes after, they called me and told me the payment would be processed shortly.

Well, that was good news to my ears and few minutes later, I received a notification by mail and a push notification on my phone that the payment has been processed and I immediately called my friend to confirm if she has received the money in her account and she said she only received a text message that money has been sent to her using expresspay but her account is empty.

Screenshot From Expresspay Platform Showing The Transaction Has Been Successful


I requested another callback from expresspay and they called me, I told them the problem at hand and one lady who introduced herself as Eyram told me she will contact MTN Ghana and confirm my claim.

I waited for a while and called back and the same lady who introduced herself as Eyram told me MTN Ghana claims they have successfully sent the money to my friend but no money was received by my friend.

I made a call to expresspay again and the another lady called my friend whom I sent the money to so she could confirm from her and after confirming, she tried calling MTN Ghana again but claim it wasn’t going through so I should wait and they’ll call me back.


Till the time of writing this, no one from expresspay Ghana has called me, I had to Tweet at them and MTN Ghana yesterday and expresspay responded that I should send them my contact number which I did but never received any call from them till date.

MY Twets At MTN Ghana And Expresspay Ghana


mtn ghana

I tweeted at them again this morning and MTN Ghana responded asking me for my contact number and details of the transaction which I sent to them but not even a single call did I receive from any representative of MTN Ghana or expresspay and the 25 cedis has still not reflected in my friend’s mobile money account.

Bad customer care comes in many forms which includes disrespect and unwillingness to help solve an issue and looks like MTN Ghana and expresspay Ghana is of no exception.

Most of these telcos and third-party apps are really take us the customers for granted and it looks like their customer care attendants ain’t ever ready to assist the customers and this isn’t the first time I have been treated as such.

Customers shouldn’t be treated as if they the telcos and third-party apps are doing us a favour, even if they are doing us a favour, they should do it with professionalism because without we the customers, their company and services are totally useless and the only question on my mind is, When at all will customer service work in Ghana?

Share with me in the comment box, what has been your worst telco experience.

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