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James Chester Reynolds: Wiki Of Hollywood Actor Ryan Reynolds’ Father

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Ryan Reynolds, who is a very popular man in Hollywood, is one of the most adorable men in the industry. Ryan married Blake Lively after he divorced Scarlett Johansson. We’ll learn more about his father James Chester Reynolds in this blog post.

  • James Chester Reynolds had been battling cancer for almost a decade.
  • James died on October 25, 2015.

James Chester Reynolds was the celebrity father of Ryan Reynolds (a well-known Canadian actor and film producer) and an entrepreneur. He married Tammy Reynolds who is Ryan’s biological mother.

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James Chester Reynolds Wiki

As I already mentioned above, James is the father of Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds. Chester Reynolds was a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer for many years. He retired and worked as a food distributor. He was a Canadian citizen.

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Chester Reynolds’ Net Worth

Ryan’s father died happy, having fulfilled most of his dreams. He kept his private life out of the limelight while he was alive. The internet has very little information on the secret life of the celebrity father and his net worth is unknown. His son however has a net worth of $150 million.

Cause Of Death

James, 74 years old, died from Parkinson’s disease on October 25, 2015. He died in a hospital in White Rock, British Columbia. Chester was battling cancer almost a decade ago. His illness was never discussed in public.

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James Chester Reynolds Wife And Children

Tamara Lee was a retail salesperson before James married her. Four amazing children were born into their union. Patrick Reynolds, Jeff Reynolds, and Terry Reynolds with their celebrity son Ryan Reynolds who is very famous for being a Hollywood actor.

Ryan Reynolds is one of Hollywood’s most beloved movie stars. Reynolds is an actor, producer, and entrepreneur. He has worked hard to achieve his status as a star since the 1990s. His success is a testament to the fact it doesn’t take an overnight rise to be successful.

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