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Julia Fox Before And After Plastic Surgery: What Happened To Julia Fox Butt?

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Kanye West’s one-time girlfriend Julia Fox is the talk of the day since many have seen her before and after photos that have sparked speculation about surgery. Many have been wondering, what happened to Julia Fox butt.

  • Julia Fox was spotted in a picture with Kanye West, showcasing her backside in the picture.
  • Julia Fox is an Italian-American actress and model.

According to Tweeps who were more attentive to Julia Fox butt, they determined that Julia performed a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) which improves the shape of her buttocks.

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What Happened To Julia Fox Butt?

julia fox fake butt

Julia Fox’s old and new pictures to be able to judge if truly she has done a BBL. Well, even though many have noticed a clear transformation in her backside, their conclusion or assumption may not be true unless Julia confirmed that she did a BBL.

BBL is extremely popular with celebrities since its main goal is to make them appear prettier in the spotlight.

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