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Marcella Francesca Hetfield Biography: Know Everything About James Hetfield’s Daughter


What do you know about Marcella Francesca Hetfield biography? The celebrity kid whose father is such a known figure in the music industry, the co-founder of the heavy metal band, Metallica?

  • Marcella Francesca, a celebrity child is the child of James Hetfield and Francesca Hetfield.
  • Marcella is named after her mother’s middle initial. All of this will be broken down.

James Hetfield and Francesca Hetfield named their beautiful daughter ‘Marcella’. This Latin word means “warlike” and ‘Francesca,’ is also a tribute to her mother Francesca Tomasi. It is an Italian translation of the Latin word France which translates as “from France” or a “free man”.


Marcella Francesca Hetfield Biography

Marcella Francesca Hetfield

Marcella Francesca Hetfield was born on January 17, 2002. She is the daughter of James Hetfield, the famous metal music band (Metallica’s main vocalist, composer, and composer).


Marcella Francesca Hetfield Net Worth

Even though Francesca Hetfield’s net worth is not known, her father, James Hetfield estimated net worth of $300,000,000 means Marcella Francesca is certain to have a great future. One thing that is certain for sure is that we know her father’s incredible net worth has enabled her to live a luxurious life.

Other Interesting Facts

Marcella has an Instagram account, where she posts a lot of photos of her father but very few photos of herself. The father-daughter pair seemed to have an inexplicable love for each other. The beautiful young lady might have aspirations to be an artist and follow in her father’s footsteps.


Who Is Marcella Francesca Hetfield Father?

James Hetfield is the father of Marcella Francesca Hetfield. James is a member of the biggest heavy metal band in the world, ‘Metallica’, he is one of the most successful music artists of all time. He is remembered as a singer/songwriter, rhythm guitarist, and co-founder of the Metallica band.

Who Is Marcella Francesca Hetfield Mother?

Francesca Hetfield is the mother of Marcella Francesca. She was born on 27th January 1970 in Rosario, Argentina but later relocated to America where she met her husband James Hetfield in 1992.

Francesca was the Costume Designer for Metallica at the time of their meeting. She was on a tour called Wherever We May. She and her husband have three children with Francesca Hetfield being the youngest.

Francesca Hetfield Siblings

Marcella has two other siblings named Castor Virgil Hetfield and Cali Tee Hetfield. Cali Tee Hetfield is the oldest of three children and she was born on June 13, 1998, in San Francisco, CA. Castor is the second of the three and he was born on May 18, 2000, in San Francisco, California.

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