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Mariah Bird Biography; Net Worth, Age, Height, And Husband Of Larry Bird’s Daughter

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Mariah Bird is an American Event Manager at Pacers Sports & Entertainment. Her adoption by Larry Bird, an American Professional Footballer, made her a popular figure.

  • Her age is currently unknown due to the fact that she was adopted.
  • Larry Bird’s daughter also served as a cheerleader when she was still in high school.

Mariah, an American citizen, is of Caucasian descent. She was born in Indianapolis. Larry Bird is Maiah’s legal father. Larry Bird and Janet Condra were first engaged in 1975. They divorced in 1976.

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Who Is Mariah Bird?

mariah bird age

Mariah, Larry Bird’s daughter, graduated from Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts. She earned a bachelor’s in Science in Recreation. The model is 175cm tall and weighs 76kg.


Her formal education is that she attended a local school and completed her studies. She then went on to Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts. She earned a bachelor’s in Science in Recreation. She later went to Indiana University Bloomington.

Mariah Bird Husband

Mariah Bird has not yet been married. However, she has kept her details private on social media. For updates, we are still collecting information about her romantic relationship.

What Does Mariah Bird Do?

Mariah Bird Cheerleaders her team members who organize cheering, dancing and chanting in support of sports teams. Mariah is the Pacers Sports & Entertainment events manager. She organizes cheerleaders and dancers to support their teams at competitions.

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Social Media

She isn’t active on social media. Mariah has not yet created a private account on any social media platform. Her father Larry Bird is active on social media and is well-followed by many.

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