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MUST KNOW: 5 Things You Should Not Do On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the one day in the year where love is officially celebrated and recognized. Lovers everywhere are pressured by expressing their love with cards and chocolate.

While some couples opt out of the traditional jewelry or candy exchange, others go for a romantic night out to keep the spark alive. But, are there things couples shouldn’t do on Valentine’s Day?

Find out what February 14th no-no’s you should avoid.

Don’t Break Up With Someone

Okay, so you may not have the funds to wow your special someone with a shiny or tasty gift however that’s no reason to call it quits. Breaking up with someone on Valentine’s Day is the absolute worse day to end a relationship – no matter how short or long you’ve been with someone. If you’re contemplating breaking up then do it on February 15th. And most importantly don’t end a relationship because you can’t afford a gift – instead, be honest and your partner will most likely understand.

Talk About The Past

I don’t care if your ex-boyfriend rented a horse and carriage and whisked you away into the sunshine – don’t talk about your past with your present Valentine. It’s rude! Referencing the past can act as an indicator to your present partner that you’re not ready for a real relationship or suggest that you’re not over your ex. Therefore, unless your past includes your present love then keep your eventful stories in the past.

Don’t Propose

There are 364 other days to propose to someone – pick one. Popping the question to your lover on Valentine’s Day is beyond cliché and is not at all meaningful. Choose a day that can be celebrated as your day – not a day where everyone in the world is professing their love for each other. Create your own special day!

Go On A First Date

Having your first date with someone on Valentine’s Day is adding too much pressure to a potential relationship. Valentine’s Day should be a day spent with those you love – even though you may believe in love at first sight, spending your first date on Valentine’s Day brings forth the possibilities for an epic fail. Don’t take dating risks on February 14th. If you’re asked out, choose a different day. You’ll appreciate this advice even more so if it doesn’t work out.

Don’t Forget Your Blessings

Don’t overlook the good in your life. Instead of focusing on your single life or the other things not reaching your standards, look at what God has blessed your life. Center your focus on the positive aspects of your life by making a list of what is going right. When you’re feeling down in the dumps refer to your list and adjust your focus to include the items that are going good in your life.

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