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Nadia Buari Reveals ‘Dirty’ Secret About Yvonne Okoro (Video)

NADIA BUARI, 36, is a Ghanaian actress best known for starring in Beyonce. She received two nominations for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2009.

Nadia Buari has revealed one dirty secret of Yvonne Okoro, her fellow actress on her television show Dining With Cooks & Braggarts with Yvonne Okoro.

Yvonne Okoro made her screen debut in Sticking to the Promise, a 2002 movie produced by the Nigerian producer Theo Akatugba, just after her Senior High Education. She also played a cameo role in the hit series Tentacles by the same producer for Point Blank Media Concepts.

Nadia Buari was a guest on Okoro’s TV show, Dining With Cooks & Braggarts with Yvonne Okoro when she asked about the craziest thing Yvonne Okoro has ever done.

She responded;

“I haven’t done any crazy thing”

Nadia Buari who was shocked by the reply of Yvonne said, ‘Really Yvonne, you remember there was this time you came over to my house and you got very drunk”.Watch The Video Below

Okoro immediately recollected but blamed her friend for giving her too much Champagne leading to her getting drunk and was talking too much.

Cooks and Braggarts is a celebrity cooking show that features well-known figures to mint their hands on how they cook their favorite foods while bespeaking about various topics.

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