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Nigerian Actress Reveals How Much It Costs To Sleep With Her

It’s now clearly evident that most people we call celebrities would do anything just to get attention on social media and on the internet.

Nigerian actress Dayo Amusa has gone ahead to reveal to her fans and men interested in tasting her honey pot how much it will cost them to have a lick.

The Nigerian actress who’s not soo popular took to her IG page to warn people to stay off her DM if they’re not going to offer money, business, or hook her up for important links.

She wrote;

‘I know my page may seem random at times, but listen…. It is NOT OK to randomly DM anyone you do not know or who do not know you with a “Hey gorgeous” “Hi beautiful” “Can I know you better” etc. You get the idea? This is not a dating App! So stop that shit! Any women who post a picture of herself is not giving you permission to bomb her DM/inbox unless stated in her profile description or caption. DO NOT SLIDE INTO MY DM EXCEPT YOU ARE STATING WHAT YOU CAN OFFER STRAIGHT UP! Mio raye ejo oshii, Mio raye omo ku iya sonu, Mio raye ife gbigbona/Ife Ojiji If you are not talking money, business, possible connections Abeg No DM me. I am done now.‘

Just after her post, a fan hit her comments section to inquire how much it will cost to have her for a night and the award-winning Nigerian actress and singer was kind enough to answer him.

Although she acts mostly in Yoruba language films of Nollywood, she has also acted in English language films. Dayo is the Proprietress of PayDab Schools which has two locations in Ibadan and Lagos.

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