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Nkechi Blessing Cries As She Mourns Ondo Church Shooting Victims

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While many continue to wail over the Ondo church shooting which afflicted Nigeria on Sunday, Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing, has admitted that she’s lost her sanity since she was informed of the tragic news.

  • Gunmen have killed a number of church worshippers in Ondo state.
  • The armed men entered St Francis Catholic church in Owo and fired at the congregation.

Nkechi Blessing who is currently away from the country said that she is worried about her friends, family members as well as the entire Nigerian nation. She also said that she has lost her motivation to share any content on her social media networks.

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Reacting to the Ondo church shooting, Nkechi Blessing wrote;

I have been trying to post all day but my morale is so low, my body is weak, I am scared for my country, for my family members and friend. When will all this stop please.

The Catholic Church, according to witnesses was attacked by Armed Fulani men who fired at a swathe of congregants as well as other people who were walking by while they fled the scene. They also set off explosives inside the church and burned the entire structure down.

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Nigeria has seen an increase in violence over the past few months. Assaults and kidnappings were reported across the entire country. There are no figures on the number of people of victims that are officially confirmed.

However, a doctor from an area hospital, reported in the Reuters media agency claimed that fifty bodies were transported for treatment at two different hospitals within the city.

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