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Pamela Odame Watara’s Real Name Revealed By High School Class Mate

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Pamela Odame Watara is a Kenyan Ghanaian model and actress. She is also a video vixen, actress and social media star widely known on Instagram.

  • She became famous after featuring in Rockstar Hospital, a Ghallywood film.
  • The actress speaks and understands Swahili.

Pamela claims to have been a student of Marketing at Wisconsin University, Accra Ghana however, the SRC president of Wisconsin University College at the time, Bridgette Bonnie debunked it.

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Whiles many are still wondering why she lied about being a student of Wisconsin University, a former high school classmate of the model has come out to reveal her real name.

In a throwback photo of Pamela Odame that was shared on social media, it appears the name Pamela is not her real name as she was called Hawa Watara back in high school.

Throwback Photo Of Pamela Odame

In the throwback photo above, Pamela was seen with 2 of her classmates and from the caption on the picture, Pamela Odame’s real name is Hawa Watara.

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Pamela Odame Watara is a Ghanaian-based actress, model, video vixen, and a social media sensation born by a Ghanaian mother to a Kenyan father on the 5th of June 1996 in Kenya.

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