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Riley Gaul Parents: Mother, Father, And Siblings

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William Riley Gaul was a college football player who shot and killed his ex-girlfriend Emma Walker. Due to the tragic tale, numerous people wanted to find out who Riley Gaul parents were.

  • Gaul is currently serving 51 years imprisonment for the murder(first-class murder).
  • Sources say that he stole his grandfather’s pistol when they swapped cars.

The victim’s family believed Riley Gaul was a good person when they met him the first time. In fact, when their first encounter with Riley the first impressions they had included that he seemed like a nice child who was respectful.

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Riley Gaul Parents, Riley Gaul’s Father

There’s not much information about Riley Gaul’s father. We do know that the family was from Tennessee and was also a middle-class. In addition, he was also supportive of his son’s career in football and tried his best to motivate Riley.

Riley Gaul’s Mother

Also, little is concerning the maternal side of Riley Gaul’s mother. Similar to the man she married, she had never believed that her son would be capable of this kind of crime.

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They felt horrible for what transpired and were stunned. Emma’s friends were among those who knew what was coming, as their relationship with Riley was unhealthy.

Riley Gaul’s Siblings

As far as we know, Riley Gaul was the only child of his parents and did not have any siblings that we know about. Consequently, much of his parents were focused on him since he did not have any brothers or sisters.

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