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Robert Noah Wiki, Age, Wife, Net Worth, And Children


Robert Noah is a German who founded one of the very first restaurants that were integrated into Johannesburg in the era of apartheid, with the use of a special license to serve the black community.

  • Popular South African comedian, Trevor Noah is his son.
  • Trevor Noah is the host of The Daily Show.

Robert created the first restaurants that were integrated into Johannesburg in the period of apartheid. He obtained the use of a specific license that was specifically designed to serve the black population.


Robert Noah Wiki

His real date of birth is not known but it’s believed he was born between the years 1935-1938. He has not disclosed anything about his birthplace. According to Trevor’s Wikipedia page, Robert is of Swiss-German ancestry. According to this, we are estimating that his hometown is Switzerland or Germany.


Business And Net Worth

The opening of the restaurant was a big success. However, some whites requested that Robert’s restaurant be closed. Initially, the inspectors wanted to close the restaurant because of health-related violations, however, Robert like most Germans from Switzerland, was not clean.

They came up with a different method by requiring him to have an individual toilet for every patron of different races. This was a difficult job, and Robert refused to comply, but he eventually shut down the restaurant. Due to this, he hated racism.


After the apartheid regime, Robert moved to a newly separated area known as Yeoville. Currently, Robert Noah’s net worth is unknown.

Robert Noah Son

Robert Noah

He was now able to bring his son, Trevor Noah to play at the nearby park with children from all races, as there was no worry of having to go to prison. Father and son gathered on Sundays at Robert’s home as this was an excellent opportunity for Noah who was able to avoid black churches.

Robert typically cooks his most-loved food whenever his son is visiting for a visit: A German dish known as Rosti which is potatoes and gravy. Robert had a calm individual however he was a great father who was always attentive, caring, and generous.


Robert Noah relocated to Cape Town and was almost unable to connect with his son, Trevor, when Trevor was only 13. Seven years later, Patricia advised Trevor to go to Cape Town where he reunited with his father.

Robert Noah Wife

Robert was a sharp young man during his teens. In the 80s Robert traveled across South Africa for some marketing work. He was introduced to Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah and they fell in love.

In the 1980s, it was a crime for Africans to marry Whites so Robert and Patricia kept their relationship private for several months. However, after the birth of their son on 20 February 1984, their problems started.

The authorities became aware that a black woman had a relationship with a white man. Consequently, Patricia Noah was sent to jail and was also fined.



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