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What Happened To Trevor Noah’s Mother? Everything To Know About Patricia Noah


Patricia Noah is the mother of the renowned South African comedian, Trevor Noah, who is the anchor for The Daily Show, an American humorous news program that airs on Comedy Central.

  • The mom of Trevor Noah is a Xhosa woman, and the father of Trevor Noah is Swiss.
  • People still wonder how Patricia Noah survived three bullets with one in the head.


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When he was growing up, Noah was confronted by many forms of discrimination and abuse, up to the point within the United States when a man was able to call him the N-word.


What Happened To Trevor Noah Mother?

Patricia Noah went against the law of the time when she was infatuated with a foreigner of a different race during the height of the apartheid rule within South Africa. Her love affair led to her being the mother of a child.

She was however able to hide the identity of the child for years but at the end of the day was forced to deal with any consequences that might arise when the boy grew older and not be concealed anymore.


Who Is Patricia Noah? Her Life Story

While the exact date of birth is unknown, Patricia Noah was born in South Africa to Temperance and France Noah. Although it’s not verified what number of siblings Patricia had, however, it is clear it was her middle sibling in her family.

As a young child of about 9 years old, Patricia asked her mother if she could go live with her father since he was not living in the same city as them. Her mother gladly consented to it, only for the dad to send her to her aunt in the Xhose region. Twelve years passed before she saw her parents again, for her aunt was one of those persons who were skilled in handling deviant children.

As a young child of about 9 years old, Patricia’s mother allowed her to go live with her father since he was not living in the same city as them. However, her dad also sent her to her aunt in the Xhose region. She stayed there for several years and only saw her parents again after 12 years.


At the home of her aunt in Transkei where she lived, she shared a room with 14 of her cousins in a hut that was without electricity or water and there was a shortage of money. Patricia was barely able to eat.

When they did have food, it led to an era of struggle for the survival of the fittest. They had to battle with each other over food. Sometimes she’d steal food items from animals or eat any item she could lay her hands on to feel something go into her stomach.

The only thing that brought joy to Patricia was the Missionary School where she was taught the art of writing and reading, as well as learning the English Language in general. When she reached working age, she had a job, she worked in a nearby factory that paid her an hourly wage, and she no longer had to fight to eat with her cousins for food.

How Did Patricia Meet Robert Noah?

Patricia had some sort of privilege to work in Johannesburg even though it was considered unlawful for blacks to reside there but she went against the law again to find a home there. Since it was illegal for her, she had to find means and ways to disguise herself and she was arrested multiple times until she met Robert Noah.

The neighborhood Patricia Noah lived in was known as Hillbrow which was where she encountered Robert an expatriate from Switzerland who was nearly two years older than her. At the beginning of the romance, Robert seemed more like an informal friend to Patricia rather than her love interest in a one-night stand.

Who Shot Patricia Noah?

Patricia got married to Sfiso Khoza and lived an idyllic life until one day in 2009 when she and her children (apart from Trevor) were returning home after church they got confronted by her ex-husband, Abel Ngisaveni, a drunk who was abusive.

Abel Ngisaveni claimed that Patricia had destroyed his life. In the midst of a heated argument with her, he pulled out the gun and pointed at her. Abel started shooting and Patricia took a bullet.  After she was shot, Patricia yelled for her children to run as Abel came towards her on the floor and tried to shoot again.


Fortunately, his gun jammed, and on seeing this, Patricia pushed him and made a run for the car and his son Andrew followed suit.  Just as she started the car, Abel fired again and this time, the bullet went through Patricia’s head; he had shot her through the rear window.

Andrew wasted no time in getting his mother out of the driver’s seat and zoomed off to the hospital. Patricia Noah was close to 50 years of age at the time of the shooting but she survived the attack, because both of the bullets passed through her body, missing all of her vital organs.

The bullet that hit her head passed through her head before coming out of her nose, leaving both her skull and spine.  As she escaped the attack, Abel got a minimal sentence since the case was deemed to be attempted murder.

Is Patricia Noah Still Alive?

The mother of Trevor Noah is still alive even after being shot in the head. The bullet that hit the head’s base left her head with only minor damage to her nose. Fortunately, it didn’t hit the spinal cord, the brain, or major nerves or blood vessels.



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