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Trojan X Drake Condoms: Are They Real Or Fake?


Photos of an alleged Trojan X Drake condoms package which has the photo of Drake holding hot sauce has been trending on social media for a long time now. “Trying to spice things up tonight” is what the caption reads.

  • Trojan X Drake condoms are trending on social media.
  • Even 50 Cent has trolled the rapper over hot sauce in condom allegations.

A few days ago, a mind-blowing allegation was posted on social media involving an Instagram model who claims she slept with Drake a few weeks ago consensually.


Facts About Trojan X Drake Condoms

Trojan X Drake Condoms

According to the IG account toomuchhottea, it was alleged that Drake and an IG model met up on Instagram, and the two decided to link up a few weeks ago. The model and Drake had a romantic encounter, and what happened next was well CRAZY.


After the party, they went back to his hotel.

They smoked weed for a bit, and he asked if she wanted to knack. She said he was very intent on ensuring things were consensual. They started with a bit of foreplay. He rubbed and sucked her for a bit.

He then went to the bathroom and came out with a condom on. She said he’s about 7 inches, thick, and cut. They knacked for about 20 minutes. He mostly hit it from the back and eventually came inside the condom.

Immediately after, he went back into the bathroom to dispose of it.


She fished the condom out of the trash, untied it, and put the opening end into her v*gina. Boy, was she in for a surprise! She said it felt like pouring hot lava into her p*ssy. She screamed, and Drake ran into the bathroom.

He admitted that he poured a packet of hot sauce into the condom to kill the sperm so as to prevent him from impregnating the Instagram model who also had a secret agenda. Now the Instagram model is threatening to sue Drake.

Are Trojan X Drake Condoms Real?

The fact is that Trojan X Drake Condoms are not real. The photos shared on the internet are just social media memes and not real products being sold on the market. There is no condom with the name Trojan X Drake being sold now, but maybe in the near future.

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