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Tyler Childers’ Feathered Indians Meaning Revealed

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Tyler Childers is a country music singer and songwriter who is best known for his song Feathered Indians. In this post, we’ll reveal the feathered indians meaning and other interesting details.

  • Let’s look at the lyrics now that the song has gained attention on Twitter.
  • We aren’t the only ones who noticed how good “Feathered Indians” is, either.

Childers released the song in 2017 as part of his album Purgatory. However, some people are still curious about the song’s significance. Now that the song is trending on Twitter, let’s take a look at the lyrics.

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What is Feathered Indians Meaning?

Sharpens says the song’s title refers to the marks Tyler’s belt buckle left in his lover’s thighs after a passionate embrace. Sharpens is known for his Red Man Chewing Tobacco belt and has made Feathered Indian belt buckles in the past.

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‘Feathered Indians’ Lyrics

Well my buckle makes impressions
On the inside of her thigh
There are little feathered Indians
Where we tussled through the night

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Tyler Childers Song Trends on Twitter

Feathered Indians has been trending on Twitter recently, and many people can’t help but think about it. One respondent said, “Something about Feathered Indians always brings me back to joy place in my life.”

Another person added, “One of my current favorite songs is Feathered Indians. I absolutely enjoy Tyler Childers’ Feathered Indians,” a third supporter chimed in. When I need to recenter for any reason, it’s my “go-to.”

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