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VIDEO: Father Begs His Angry Daughter For Another Round Of S*x After First Round

A video of a Ghanaian man believed to be in his late 60s has been seen begging his young daughter for another round of s*x after bonking her already.

The viral video showed a man and a young lady quarreling in a room.

The issue? The young lady is refusing to have s*x with the man because he wanted to take footage of themselves while making love which the girl did not agree to that.

The man and the young lady are alleged to be related after the girl addressed the man as ‘Daa’ [Dad] when the man was trying to record her nak*d body.

Watch The Video Here

In the video, the young lady seemed uncomfortable with the idea of the man taking a footage of their escapade, questioning the man that he already has her nak*d body beside him so why the videoing and in an angry tone with a squeezed face bashed the man and wanted to leave since it was time to go home after spending hours with him.

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