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Video Of Two GIJ Students Captured Kissing Passionately In Bedroom Style On Campus Pops Up

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A recent video that has emerged of students at Ghana’s premiere communication university indicates that the Ghana Institute of Journalism isn’t just a school of scholars but also lovebirds.

On our usual rounds on Twitter this morning, we came across a video of two students from premier communication university,  (GIJ) engulfed in a passionate kiss.

According to reports, the Public Relations students had a valentine’s day event as part of their event planning course. One of the groups had the whole proposal and kissing as part of their storyline. It was all part of the event thing to get marks.

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The identities of the students are not known yet but they were seen lip-locked, while the male pressed the ‘oranges’ of the female student to give her chest sentimentality.

Watch The Video Below

Despite the buzz around the video, students of the Ghana Institute of Journalism are known to express themselves publicly and also show affection for each other as adults.

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