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Village Talkative Writes: Teacher Kwadwo, Pepper Dem Ministries And Huawei – My Take

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Pepper Dem Ministries as their name and brand implies are not feminists but misandrists, they just hate men.

We all know in our parlance Pepper Dem or to pepper someone means TO INFLICT PAIN OR TO PIN SOMEONE therefore it is evidently clear the vision and mission of these Pepper Dem girls is to attack and inflict pain on men and not to empower women as most feminists do.

Hating men has never been a definition for feminism. If that is what you call equal right or women empowerment, then you are lost. The funny aspect of these Pepper Dem girls who are single women filled with bitterness and incapable of submission, seem to advising married women how to live their lives.

The group seems to be guided by their own insecurities, misconceptions and thoughts, most of their utterances are contradictory to what they believe in. They seems to be leading so many young girls wayward making them believe otherwise. Fighting for equal rights makes more sense than this extremist kinda thing as they want to ‘Pepper Men’ to achieve their goal. If they want true definition of feminism they should ask GIFTY AUNTY.

Some women think men have the upper hand, which is totally wrong. These are kind of women who needs to be empowered. No body defies that women can do better. As a lady just work hard and you will be there. They should stop deceiving the youths after their broken marriages and failed relationships.


Like actress Martha Ankomah and Anita Erskine once said

Feminism doesn't call for disrespect towards men

Martha Ankomah Actress

Feminism is NOT a licence to hate men.

Anita Erskine TV and radio presenter

Yet you visit the Facebook page of the Pepper Dem Ministries and all you see is insults and abuse from the page manager on people who disagree with them.

They lack the meaning of feminism. Its like they see feminism as a power to fight men and bring men down when honestly, women are the ones that are been favored in a lots of things in Ghana. Here in Ghana, women have equal right as men and even in some instances they are given priorities than men.


When you write exams in schools are girls given a different set of questions to answer? If you care to know, if there’s a position being sort for by both men and women…the woman is most likely to get it because Ghanaian men naturally have soft spot for women.

We get up for women to sit when chairs are scares. If women like real equality: will they accept to be treated as men? God created men differently from women. We have our strength and they have theirs. Feminists should channel their energy towards encouraging women to excel in their area of strength.

As long as they see themselves as in competition with men, our young ladies will keep dancing half naked in musical clips for for fully dressed men and still get less than 10% what the men get.

Women should accept being women and make the most of their God given potential. Feminist should be able to encourage young ladies to work with their talent and desist from using their sexuality as their bargaining chip.

These are the issue of concern that they should address. The worse treatment most women get come from fellow women and not men. The trending story in Ghana now is Huawei Ghana terminates contract with Teacher Kwadwo over a rape joke he made some two years ago. The very little I can say about this issue is “ALL GOOFED”.

What Michael Owusu Afriyie posted years ago about rape is NOT NOT NOT. Those jokes were unpalatable, unacceptable and disgusting to say the least. He further goofed when he failed to sincere render unqualified apology.

teacher kwadwo

#Underline the phrase SINCERE UNQUALIFIED APOLOGY. Yes he apologized as many may argue but it was a flippant and ‘unserious’ one as compared to what Waris Abdul Umaru did. It was evidently clear with his counter posts on his wall that his EGO took the better side of him. Sometimes PLEASE I’M SORRY, FORGIVE ME can simply break a mountain of a problem. Teacher Kwadwo seriously erred in that regard and I won’t mince words. A sincere apology would have saved this situation like it saved that of ComedianWaris.

For the Pepper Dem girls, I believe their move to attach GES and Huawei to the issue was purely witch-hunting and I won’t talk about that as I’ve touched on their intentions and ill motives above. I believe Huawei Mobile could have caution Teacher Kwadwo like G.E.S did than terminating his contract with them. I trust outright termination of contract was harsh in my opinion.

I’d wanted to buy the Huawei Y9 because of teacher kwadwo’s hype and promo. I don’t think I’d buy it or any of their products due to this kerfuffle.

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