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Wendy Rieger Glasses: This Is Why Wendy Rieger Wears Red Glasses

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A long-time Washington DC anchor, Wendy Rieger suffered a loss to cancer on 16 April 2022 at the age of 65. In a statement announcing her passing, the statement mentioned that she battled brain cancer for nearly an entire year. Let’s find out what’s up with Wendy Rieger Glasses.

  • A large number of her fans have offered their condolences to her family members in their grief over her.
  • She was previously a radio DJ at FM99.

Throughout her career, Wendy has had different health issues to deal with. Wendy has been out of the reporting chair for a few weeks owing to her heart surgery.

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Secret Behind Wendy Rieger Glasses

In the past, viewers were concerned watching the news, with Wendy Rieger wearing red glasses and a shirt that was ripped. It was apparent that she was having some issues and viewers were worried about her health after an operation on her brain.

Wendy underwent the procedure to eliminate a brain tumour in the summer.

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Her orange glasses must be because of her illness.

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