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Who Are Javier Bardem Children? – Meet Luna Encinas Cruz And Leo Encinas Cruz

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Javier Bardem children are two, a boy, and a girl. Javier Bardem is a Spanish actor, who is also an Academy Award winner. He married his co-worker in the movie industry actor, model Penelope Cruz in 2010.

  • They have two children and their names are Leo Encinas Cruz and Luna Encinas Cruz.
  • In 2007, Bardem began dating Penelope Cruz, his co-star in Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

Bardem and Cruz maintain an unassuming public image and have not discussed their private lives. The couple got married on July 10, 2010, in The Bahamas.

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Who Are Javier Bardem Children?

Javier Bardem Children

Javier Bardem children are Leo Encinas Cruz and Luna Cruz. Leo is the first child of Spanish actor Javier and his wife Penelope Cruz. Their second child Luna was born in Madrid, Spain on 22 July 2013. We’ll get to know more about them in this article, starting with Leo.

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Leo Encinas Cruz Biography

Leo Encinas Cruz is the first child of Javier Bardem, a Spanish actor, and Penelope Cruz, the multiple award-winning actress is his mother. Leo was born just six months after his parents got married.

Leo Encinas Cruz was born on 23rd January 2011.

Leo has a younger sister named Luna Cruz, who was born in Madrid, Spain as opposed to him, who was born in Los Angeles, United States of America. Despite the fact that his parents are Spanish, Leo is eligible to apply for an American passport and citizenship because he was born there.

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Luna Encinas Cruz Biography

Luna Encinas Cruz was born on 22nd July 2013 and she’s the second child of her parents, Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz. She’s also the younger sister of Leo Encinas Cruz, Javier and Penelope’s first son.

Luna was born in Madrid, Spain.

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