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Who Is Ayanna Davis? Biography Of Florida Teacher Arrested After Snapchat Tape With Minor

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A FLORIDA substitute instructor, Ayanna Davis who is 20 years old was charged and arrested for sexual battery after sleeping with one of her pupils. The video of them chopping each other was posted on Snapchat.

  • Davis was detained on the 3rd of December after a Lakeland High School student contacted the school resource officers with regards to the video, and detectives were informed about the incident.
  • The video was already circulated to several students and even the school’s football team prior to being made public by the school. The male student in the middle of this issue is said to be 16 years of age or younger.

Ayanna Davis and her student have been reported to have slept with each other at least four times. They’ve been having fun at a distance for a long time. The reports suggest that they did it three times in her Lakeland home and also at the residence of the student.

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Who Is Ayanna Davis?

Davis doesn’t appear to have a huge social media profile. The reports state that she’s a substitute teacher aged 20 who was employed by a staffing firm called Kelly Education which has previously assisted in recruiting substitutes for Polk County Public Schools.

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The company said Davis was debarred until the outcome of the ongoing investigation. Kelly Education insists that they hired her after passing the tests required and had thorough background checks.

“The safety of students is our highest priority. Ayanna Davis has been deactivated and is not able to accept assignments pending the outcome of the criminal investigation.”

Ayanna Davis Snapchat Video

Ayanna Davis has been ordered to pay $60,000 bail for all of the charges following her first court appearance on the 11th of December. She will appear in court on the 10th of January, 2022. At present, police are searching for the video, which was seen by several students.

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Superintendent of the school Frederick Heid commented on the incident by saying; “The charges against this person are disgraceful and a complete violation of the trust that teachers build with their students. There is no room in our schools for this type of conduct.”

Ayanna Davis is charged with two charges of sexual battery by a custodian, and also offences against schoolchildren by an authority figure based on warrants for the county as well as two charges of sexual battery brought by officers from the Lakeland Police Department.

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