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BBTitans: Meet All 20 BBTitans Housemates


The BBTitans’ housemates have been ushered into the house. The Big Brother Titans reality TV show is the first of its kind featuring housemates from two countries; South Africa and Nigeria.

During their time in the Big Brother house, viewers and fans of the housemates will have the power to decide who remains and who is removed from the house.

Some of the contestants who have entered the Big Brother Titans house include Yemi Craigx, Juicy Kay, Khosi, Olivia, Nelisa, Blaqboi, Mmeli, Nana, Ipeleng, and Marvin.


BBTitans Housemates

1 Khosi


She is the 1st HM of #BBTitans. She is 25yrs old and from South Africa. She is single as a pringle and ready to mingle. She is working towards her master’s degree. The BIGGEST misconception about her is that she is a slay Queen.

2 Yemi


He is the 2nd housemate of the #BBTitans season. Yemi is 30 years old. He is from Ekiti state. He’s gonna play the game but you won’t see him coming.

3 Olivia


Olivia, the 4th Housemate of #BBTitans. She is 24yrs from Nigeria. She is an actress and an Influencer. She is young, passionate, and energetic and on the show for the money strictly.

4 Nelisa


The 5th of #BBTitans. Chaos always follows her. She is not really sure why. And if there’s Trouble, it’s gotta be her. She doesn’t have a game plan going into the House cause she is the Main character. She is into dark and handsome men.

5 BlaqBoi


The 6th Housemate of #BBTitans. He hails from Jos, Nigeria, and loves hiking and pursuing wild adventures. It’s his first time traveling out of Nigeria and He is bringing content, adventure, creativity, and competition to the show.

6 Mmeli


He is the 7th HM of #BBTitans. He is from South Africa. He is going to the House to have FUN and with an eye on the money. He wants to come to Nigeria someday and hopes to experience Nigeria on the show.

7 Nana


She is the 8th HM of #BBTitans from Kaduna state, Nigeria. Dropped out of school due to financial issues. She is single and does business for a living. She is super excited about going into the House because it’s a dream going into the House.

8 Ipeleng


She is a 23yrs old South African, she is the 9th HM of #BBTitans. She plans to lay low in the house though she has an intimidating personality. She is interested in Philosophy.

9 Marvin


He is a 29-year-old Chemical Engineer from Nigeria. He is single as a pringle and is open to bringing a girl back to his mum. A guy with abs. He sure brings all the vibes.

10 Thabang


Meet 21 Yr old, Thabang from Soweto, South Africa. Living alone has taught him quite a lot of valuable life lessons. He would love to go into Entertainment at some point.

11 Jaypee


Meet Jaypee, the 12th housemate of #BBTitans. She is from Lagos state and is a nurse by profession. She is gonna cuddle if the chance comes up and she loves SA men cos according to her, they are more cuddly.

12 Yaya


Meet 31-year-old Yaya, a vivacious and budding young lady from South Africa. She loves showing skin, she is going to be in a bikini for the most part. She plans to distract but is strictly in the game for the money.

13 Ebubu


Meet Ebubu, a jack of all trades, an actor, and a model. Ebubu is from Anambra State in Nigeria.

14 Khehla


Meet Khehla, a 31yrs old South African. He is always the life of the party. He has no strategy whatsoever. He knows who he is and not coming to just complete the numbers. He aims to win this.

15 Jenni O

Jenni O

Meet Jenni O, a 25yrs old Health and Safety professional from Imo State. She says that her stubbornness is her drive. Very fluent and suave.

16 Tsatsi


Meet Tsatsi, a 24yrs from Pretoria. She plans to become a bioengineer. She is very sympathetic. On a very good day, she is gonna be dancing and just feels happy.

17 Kanaga Jnr.

Kanaga Jnr.

Meet Kanaga Jnr, from Ohafia, Abia state of Nigeria. Gives a young but old vibe. He likes to gain attention with his dressing.

18 Justin


Meet Justin, the 19th HM of #BBTitans, from the Eastern Cape. He plans to pay off his parent’s debts.

19 Yvonne


Meet Yvonne from Akwa Ibom, the 20th HM of #BBTitans. Loud people totally irritate her. She is a model. She promises undiluted drama and violence.

20 Juicy Jay

Juicy Jay

Meet Juicy Jay – He’s a 24-year-old South African. He is a professional Rugby player. He says he wants to learn about Nigeria’s culture.



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