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Friend Narrates How Aisha’s 3 In One Adult Video Leaked

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Ayisha Thomas, the former St Louis SHS girl is arguably the most popular girl on the internet right now but for the wrong reasons.

The young girl was caught in an adult video with three guys yet to be known, banging each other as it’s recorded and the video got leaked by one of the guys for reasons yet unconfirmed.

However, according to what I’ve been told, the young girl who is just about 19 years of age and a graduate of St. Louis SHS  had gone to her ex boyfriend’s house and they were ‘genging and banging’ when a friend of her boyfriend came in, and her boyfriend asked him to join them to have threesum.


A second friend comes in and started recording the scene and after he had his share of the meatpie, he kept the video and used it to blackmail the young girl. According to information gathered, he used the video to bang and extort money from the girl until the girl was fed up with him and he got angry and leaked the video.

Just some few days before he leaked the video, he wanted to bang her again and the girl told her she was tired, and just as he had threatened, he leaked the video to the girl’s mom first which somehow confirms what Ayisha said earlier.

However, according to others, Ayisha as she’s affectionately know is a bad girl and just loves to bang around but we cannot confirm that since we don’t know her in person.

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