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Ghanaian Policeman States 10 Reasons Why He Will Never Take A Bribe

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In a country where policemen have been known to be taking bribes all the time, a young Ghanaian policeman has vowed never to indulge himself in such sinful actions.

Most Ghanaian policemen have made it a habit to take bribes from offenders, especially the policemen who do checks on our road have been caught on tape several times taking bribes from drivers and motorists.

However, a young Ghanaian policeman who is known as Bitrim Jacob has stated some 10 reasons why he will never compromise his integrity and profession by taking a bribe.

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Bitrim Jacob took to his Facebook account and stated his 10 reasons why it is abominable for him as a police officer and a law-abiding citizen to take a bribe in the line of duty.

Read the 10 reasons he adduced below:

  • 1. By GOD’S grace, I’m very much content with my salary
  • 2. Taking bribe might send an innocent person to prison
  • 3. Bribes are curses in disguise to me
  • 4. Bribe brings sickness, Bad luck, and problems to the taker
  • 5. Bribe taking will always cause the reoccurring of Crimes
  • 6. I will give an account to my creator when I die
  • 7. I respect myself, my job, my ( I. G. P ) and my country
  • 8. I must be trusted in my uniform as a police officer
  • 9. I must be a role model for the upcoming ones who desire to be police officers in the future
  • 10. GOD will judge me someday according to my deeds on earth

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