Kwasi Enoch Writes: Re To How MTN Ghana And Expresspay Ghana Stole My Money Without A Refund

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For the sake of this writing, this piece is intended to give an accurate update on my previous article on How MTN Ghana And Expresspay Ghana Stole My Money Without A Refund. I published an article on the 31st of July 2018, exposing MTN Ghana and expresspay Ghana, a third-party app used to make transactions through Telcos in Ghana.

If you haven’t read that previous article, then it’s all about a mobile money transaction I made through expresspay and the money not being delivered to the recipient despite me drawing the attention of MTN Ghana and expresspay Ghana to the problem, none of them were willing to help solve the issue.

Well, as at the time of writing this piece of rejoinder, expresspay Ghana contacted me after reading my previous post and refunded the money I sent back into my expresspay account and apologized for the inconveniences caused.

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MTN Ghana on the other hand have kept quite on the issue and only asked me to request for my mobile money account statement which doesn’t solve the problem I reported to them and it all shows the manner of people we have working in some of these Telcos in Ghana.

They don’t have their customers interest at heart, all they care about is making profit, ‘dubious profit’ even if it’s at the expense of the customer and I’m not actually surprised because MTN Ghana has been a hub for most dubious activities when it comes to mobile money services across the country.

I’ll however give kudos to expresspay Ghana for taking measures to ensure that the customer is always satisfied with their service and will advice Telcos customers to speak out if things go wrong, they shouldn’t keep quite because it’s our right to speak out on issues like this.

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