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Alleged COVID19 Patient’s Girlfriend Sucks His ‘Ding Dong’ At His Quarantine Center – Video

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Trending on social media is the video of an accident victim in his hospital ward who could not control himself and asked his girlfriend who came visiting to suck his ‘ding dong’.

Though it has also been widely alleged that the man is a coronavirus victim in his quarantine center, the signs prove otherwise and we cannot state that he is a coronavirus victim per the bandage on his head.

The trending video shows the young man in his hospital bed when his girlfriend visited him and things escalated quickly when we saw the lady went under the bedsheet and started sucking his ‘ding dong’ till he cum.

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The video has since generated controversy on social media amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The video was allegedly retrieved by the officials of the hospital via their hidden Cctv cameras and though we can not truly confirm which country the unfortunate incident happened, this is hygienically wrong.

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