Kwasi Enoch’s REVIEW: UMB Ghana Is A Typical Example Of A Confused Bank With Poor And A Lazy Customer Service

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Obviously UMB Bank Ghana is just another example of a confused bank with no sort of better services to its customers.

Banks in Ghana now look like a pinch of salt put into the sea, just like Midland savings and loans Limited, UMB Bank Ghana has shown me that they are far more worse than Midland Savings and Loans Limited.

I topped up my MTN airtime using their SpeedApp last week Wednesday but the airtime never came. After waiting hours and realizing that the airtime I bought using their SpeedApp hasn’t reflected on my number, I called their customer care and one guy whose name I can’t remember told me to wait for some few more hours and that my money will be refunded to my bank account.

I waited till Sunday but there was still no refund in my account and no one from the bank called to at least give me an update on the report I made. I decided to top up again on Sunday morning since the shops in my area were all closed and the same thing happened again, the airtime never reflected into my MTN account so I called their customer service again to report the issues and one lady told me she will send a report to the technical department to work on it on Monday.

I waited till Monday and there was no sign of my money being refunded so I called them again to inform them that none of the transactions I made has been refunded into my UMB account, of which they assured me to wait for some few hours. I waited and called them on Wednesday only to be told by one lady last night that they have received a mail of my refund so my money will be refunded into my account that Wednesday.

I’ve waited till 12 pm and there was still no sign of the money being refunded back into my account and after calling their customer care again, one lady told me that their system was down so she took my details and promised to call and give me an update but no, she never called.

I had to call again myself before she was telling me that they are still working on the refund so I should wait because they are now investigating the transaction I made. Now I don’t know how many days it will take for a report to be solved by UMB Ghana.


I took to Twitter to express my dissatisfaction and they asked me to give them my number and they had to call me in the night when I was about to sleep around 10 pm, now which customer service will call a customer at 10 pm?

They have practically shown that banking with them is more stressful, especially when you report a problem to them and expect them to take action within few hours or days but they rather take more than a week and still there’s no solution to the issues reported.

It’s disheartening when you are using your airtime and time calling a bank which is at fault to solve an issue. It’s totally unacceptable and UMB Bank Ghana has not been able to refund my money till the time of writing this piece. At least if they won’t refund my money, they should make it known to me so that I will stop wasting my precious time and resources to call them to refund my money.

This piece is not meant to make their brand unpopular but to draw the attention of their management to what they need to do to improve customer service and I know they will read this piece of review I’ve put up.

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